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Content marketing writer Vicki NemethAbout Me

So, I see you've decided to learn more about little old me. Thanks for popping in.

I'm Vicki Nemeth, and I've been a writer since I learned how to read, make marks with a crayon, and staple pieces of paper together. So it's no wonder I specialize in writing for and about people who like to do things themselves.

Now I'm a digital nomad, trying a new home every few months, limiting how much physical stuff I own, and making or fixing whatever I can. I even hand-coded this website to keep it lean.

And that's because I care about doing things well. I know a lot of people out there do, too.

Which is why I gravitate toward writing about homes, furniture, and green housewares made with labor standards or in developed countries like the USA, Germany, and Canada.

So if you have an awesome green, sustainable or or space-saving product and need to get some content marketing done, drop me a line at

Let's make better stuff together!

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